When your server has reaches status “Active” on the Gridpane Server tab, click its name to bring up the Server Configuration popup, then take these steps:

Now, SSH into wms001.webmagic.studio, and execute these commands, making sure to replace “target-host.webmagic.studio” with your new server hostname:

cd /root/rootfiles/
scp -pr -i ~/.ssh/WMSkey1 * root@target-host.webmagic.studio:/

Now, SSH into backup1.webmagic.studio. Edit file “/etc/fail2ban/jail.local” and add the new server’s IP address to the end of the list of IPs on the “ignoreip” configuration item.

SSH into the new server and execute these commands one at a time, checking the output for errors (there shouldn’t be any, but just in case):

fail2ban-client -d && service fail2ban restart
apt-get install bash-completion
gp stack maldet -install
gp site all-sites -maldet-scan

Now we need to adjust the UFW firewall because it has some unnecessary ports open. Use the following command to list the configured ports:

ufw status numbered

There should be a total of 8 “allow in from anywhere” rules, an IPV4 and IPV6 entry for ports 22, 80, 443, and 2812. There should be no other rules besides those 8. If there are, you can delete them by number:

ufw delete <n>

…where <n> is the rule number from the first column of the status output. Go ahead and delete the unnecessary rules, but be careful…after deleting a rule, the list gets renumbered, so reissue the ufw status numbered command after every delete to be sure you are deleting the correct rules.